Flying through the Clouds…

Wish you could do that to your business? Well, sure you can!!!


When you’re getting more than you expected, there’s no limit of your satisfaction and happiness. You’re on Cloud Nine.

Likewise, when a fast growing Transport Company in Asia approached us to handle all their hassle for data management, we stepped in right away. Why? They wanted to focus on their core business of moving…hmm… stuff and technology was getting on the way. Now with all the technological advancements all over, we had to come up with an up and up unfaltering strategy. We had to offer the best.


A-team on the job!!!

Customer required a complete new application with an improved process to perform everything from end-to-end. It was like putting all their wishes together to form a potion. Our brilliant minds came together with their unexcelled ideas to fulfill our client’s demands. What do we call that? Did someone say “Innovation”?

So let the magic begin..!!

But hey! Thought of the data backup to keep all the data secure?” Came along the voice in our heads and so did in theirs. And we were ready to answer.

Lo and behold!

dataZen Engineering’s proven technology on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform come for the rescue. Sure there are multiple other platforms but Microsoft still stands as one of the strongest, reliable and really easy to start with. Besides, they were on Windows. Now, we don’t ever want to run on the conditions others provide but have our own. Ipso facto, gives you the freedom of choice. Keep it, share it – it’s all up to you.


Transport companies necessarily have a huge workforce since they have a diverse amount of utterly complicated and sometimes crazy situations. This implies the ample amount of data they needed to handle on a day-to-day basis.

Now, Can you imagine the extensive volume of data they deal with? Data makes or breaks any business esp. the one who is on steroid that we are dealing with and because if you play with data, you play with fire.

Fast forward just a few months, today they have indefinite control over their data; whenever wherever they like. They have real time access to all their records and transactions from any device, which was not possible earlier without our cloud based application.



And we can say that, because they are worry free and handling their business with an ease. They do not have a constant fear of data loss, data wavering or Plagiarism. If that’s not satisfaction, what can be?

You have weighty heads filled with distress and dissatisfaction and you’re not being able to be resourceful, it’s time to drain out that pressure off your heads.

And this Transport Team surely did that and Flying to their top-notch limits!!!

“In dataZen Engineering we found the best partnership one can imagine handling our logistical and ever present financial data”, writes the CEO.

AND, we ask…”Sir, how was your flight today?”

“Are you kidding me? I am in cloud nine. Terrific !!!”