Data is the new oil old

Like oil, accurate data is a valuable asset.  Incorrect or incomplete data can cause trading partner nightmares

“If I have to fix the vendor’s data or fill in the gaps, it takes that much longer to get the data loaded into my system.  I need accurate, complete, timely data.  Otherwise, the data gets loaded incorrectly.  This causes purchasing to order material from the vendor at the wrong price, which causes work on the vendor’s side and my side to fix the cost and adjust the PO.  This also causes salespeople to quote products at the wrong price to the customer.“

Information about products is as important as the products themselves


  • People don’t buy products they can’t understand
  • People’s decisions between two similar products is based on the available product information

Product data needed to design and manufacture products is not usually e-commerce ready.  We help you fill in the gaps.

When it comes to business-critical data for the supply chain, we understand business requirements come first. We help you focus on data that’s needed to sell products, not which technology to use.

We have 8-years of experience aggregating, enriching, structuring, normalizing and exporting product data for over one million products for a global electrical manufacturer.

DATA can generate WORTH