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dataZen Engineering About Us


As B2B product data experts, we help businesses accomplish their goals by transforming hard to access data into useful information.

Our Data Architects will help you collect, organize, integrate product and ordering data needed by your trading partners. Our goal is to help you and your customers make faster and smarter decisions.


To be an innovative Software & Data Services provider that helps our customers grow their business by transforming DATA into useful and actionable information.


To accomplish our vision dataZen Engineering will:

  • Provide our customers with the best experience in data services, business process engineering coupled with world class data and enterprise content management expertise.

  • Ensure and execute outstanding and cost effective service to our customers.

  • Maintain highly trained and motivated employees working in a learning environment which is focused on providing outstanding customer service. 

dataZen Engineering About Us
dataZen Engineering About Us



dataZen Engineering About Us

Review existing and available research

  • Review quantitative and qualitative research already gathered.

  • Review 3rd party research where available.

  • Arrange analyst inquiry, if required or desired. 

Interview stakeholders

  • 2-3 stakeholder interviews that articulate key themes, pain points and internal/customer drivers for the development.

  • Interviews will be used to inform approach to customer research in Define phase.

Current System(s) Assessment

  • Evaluation of current state of the systems and

  • Review 3rd party research where available.

  • Arrange analyst inquiry, if required or desired. 

Hold workshops to drive consensus

  • Establish consensus on shared purpose and vision.

  • Review research deliverables.

  • Obtain feedback on conceptual scenarios and mockups.


dataZen Engineering About Us

Interview a cross-section of users

  • Summary of 2-3 customer interview sessions that highlights key insights, needs and findings.

  • Learn about user’ behaviors and preferences.

  • Build upon knowledge by adding behavioral insights.

Develop personas and user journeys

  • Identify key user types goals and behaviors.


Develop initial visual treatments and navigation models

  • Develop design concepts based on vision,user needs and heuristic evaluations.

  • Prioritized focus areas.


dataZen Engineering About Us

High fidelity components

  • Schematic wireframes covering the major functional elements and use cases.

Visual design and template construction

  • Conceptual design for the application based on key actors.

Usability testing with clickable prototype

  • Live “demo” prototype of concepts and comps, deployed in a neutral environment.

  • Consolidated results highlighting key areas and providing recommendations for design and usability updates.


  • Development of User Guide including specifications.


dataZen Engineering About Us

Prioritize and document business requirements

  • Document and manage the functional requirements of the solution and scope of the initiative that evolves over the life of a project.

High level technology architecture

  • Analyze gaps between current state and future requirements identified.

  • Identify high-level functional architecture and 3rd party integration if needed.

Use cases and functional specification

  • Functional blueprints for what the development team is re-building.

  • Combination of designs and documentation.


dataZen Engineering About Us

Integrate back-end systems

  • Integrate final application into the approved environment, in QA prior.

  • Change Management including training of users and/or teams and document the dayto-day operational process.


  • Iteratively deliver design structure based on business value and roll-out plan.

  • Migrate data to the new environment as required.

Monitor the analytics

  • Collect and collate analytics from all available sources.

  • Create dashboards and identify areas of improvement

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