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Is it worth investing our time in small businesses?


Is it worth investing our time in small businesses?


According to Tech Media and how various industries are heading in the year 2018, it sure points in that direction!

Haven’t it always been the best thing in the world to get recognized in the first place? It is always good news when you know you are chosen and trusted among the thousands out there. In today’s world, from a big business to the smallest, desire to have a business process drive technology is a challenge. Of course, with the advent of Google God finding a technology is not a challenge anymore though. Even a six grader knows what to type in Google for his or her need including speaking to the technology.

Example: Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Amazon Alexa eliminated multiplication manually. “Alexa, what is the answer for 22 times 22?”  …then play “Play Helpless, Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda”.  Alexa answers 484 and the Broadway music soon after…

Easy enough, right?

That is technology at play. Now think from a real-world scenario where we need to bring on the table that differentiates us from others when we help drive improving business processes with technology.

We need to provide a rock solid, agile platform highlighting business processes first before technology:

  • A suitable Application managing all the Data without error.

  • Eliminating manual labor and including smart technology.

  • Retrieving data till present and eliminating the fear of losing any of it ever.


The question that pops up now is…

Is dataZen Engineering providing them?

Without a doubt!

When a growing Transport Company approached us to help them manage their data, our data management strategy team jumped on to help. Giving them a secured, organized and easy to maintain platform became our prime motive. But, we learned their business process first.

Now how we do it???

By putting the left side of our Brain to work at first!

That is our solutions experts orchestrating like busy bees, gathering critical business information to make the best out of it, presenting the backbone of the application with ready to use technology infrastructure. In essence, bringing that wealth of experience to them, i.e., focus on THAT small business.

Then the Right side of the Brain to assist!

Creativity! Creativity! Creativity!

Making the application flow intuitively, presentable and understandable for everyone at the Customer became our priority.

Therefore, having the Application Engine ready, we needed the oil. Remember, Data is the New Oil!

But will the data last forever? Can it be retrieved when needed? Are they getting their data in a safe place?


Hence, we partnered with Microsoft Azure. Could we have selected Amazon AWS? Sure. But as we all know corporates including small businesses rely on Microsoft tools and means, at least for the foreseeable future. We don’t want technology to drive business processes. Rather the other way around meaning business processes must drive technology to be used.

No worries handling the data whatsoever. Always having secured and reliable storage space will definitely reduce the wrinkly foreheads always worrying about data loss. dataZen Engineering will provide you the best of the services and take away your fuss!! We have surely added to our tremendous assets with this Project!!!

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