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Mate Precision Tooling

Mate Precision Tooling

About Mate Precision Tooling

Mate is a world-class manufacturer of of punch press, press brake tooling, laser consumables, respects, supports & inspires sheet metal fabricators. It has been founded in 1962. They manufacture tooling for every major CNC punch press. In North America, they also offer a complete line of press brake tooling, CO2 and fiber laser consumables. Mate products and services are available worldwide, fully supported by over than 80 dealers in every industrialized country.

What we did together?

Tool Wear Offsetter-Single Spindle

As part of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we created a solution just to address the situation where the Industrial Robot(s) and CNC Machines are in the Robotic Cages. The CNC Machine Operators needed to change Tool Wear Offsets on the CNC machines for their manufacturing operation. Following the OSHA guidelines for the safety, we offered them a state-of-the-art solution called remote Tool Wear application which allowed their CNC Machine Operators to change tool wear offsets including CNC machines that have two spindles and twin turrets. Additionally, we allowed tool management application for the twin turret machines where over 196 tools needed to be managed on each turret that only contained limited spots to hold the physical CNC tools.

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