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Asco Aerospace

Asco Aerospace

About Asco Aerospace

ASCO is a world class supplier of design and manufacture of high lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components. They are passionate about precision in their products and in their relationships. Their rich history and understanding of market needs merges with their knowledge of technology in the aerospace industry. Their passion provides clarity and focus in supporting their customers with collaborative development projects.

What we did together?

We developed a highly customized solution called P-SCANNER that provided a highly skilled machinist with the ability to scan a barcode from a manufacturing order (MO) or a Traveler and load the associated part program automatically either from local machine folder or from the network. When the barcode is successfully scanned, the associated program details are populated on the screen in color codes and ready for the operator to hit the cycle start. This offered a gold standard in the Aerospace industry.

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