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About Microbest

Microbest, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision machined components such as medical instruments, firearm components and other mission critical parts while offering full CNC machining, coating, testing and assembly services. They produce an immense variety of components; from firing pins, full bolt and carrier assemblies, semi-auto pistol slides and a multitude of related firearm components. They proudly supply these products to many OEMs. They also produce high tolerance small arms and munition components for various Military branches and many Law Enforcement Agencies. They also manufactures precision components from standard and exotic materials for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

What we did together?

We monitor/ maintain data collection on a private cloud server to monitor over 200+ CNC equipment on the shop floor that are connected and monitored using dataZen Engineering Technology. We made it easy for them to get an aggregated view for utilization and operational efficiency. There are a lot of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies at play leveraging Oracle, MySQL, SQL Servers in tandem along with web services and business intelligence reporting to provide world class operational efficiency for them year after year to address their manufacturing excellence including capacity planning.

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