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Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace

About Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics, as well as a producer of auxiliary power units and other aviation products. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, it is a division of the Honeywell International conglomerate. he company was also involved in the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey and in 90 percent of U.S. space missions. It's involved in the U.S. NextGen program and Europe's SESAR program for advancing avionics. The company owns dozens of patents related to NextGen technology, aircraft windshields, turbochargers, and more. It was also involved in an 11-year-long patent dispute regarding ring laser gyroscope technology.

What we did together?

dataZen OPC Server

We developed a software program which converts the communication protocol used by a PLC into the OPC protocol. OPC is implemented in client/server pairs. The OPC client software is any program that needs to connect to the OPC Server. The OPC client uses the OPC server to get data from or send commands to the control. The goal of the OPC specification is to provide an open, flexible, plug-and-play software standard for software interoperability. This is a custom-engineered dataZen OPC Server application that allows communication with modern CNC machines to get data from or send commands to the control. Additionally, data collection with high baud rates were achieved for things like machine chuck open or chuck closed and measuring metal temperatures for the machining operations.

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