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New Dimensions Precision Machining

New Dimensions Precision Machining

About New Dimensions Precision Machining

New Dimensions Precision Machining, Inc. is a US based manufacturing company which manufactures industrial machineries. It was established in 1987 in Union, Illinois. The Company offers saw cutting, prototyping, machining, deburring, and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) programming services. New Dimensions is also Global Sourcing solution for Precision CNC Machined Hydraulic Manifolds and Valves concentrating in the fluid power industry. In addition, New Dimensions machines products for the Transportation, Defense, Energy, RV, and Construction markets.

What we did together?

Tool Wear Monitoring – Single Spindle

As part of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we created a custom solution where the CNC Machine Operators needed to change Tool Life Values on the CNC machines for their manufacturing processes. Following the OSHA guidelines for the safety, we offered them a state-of-the-art solution monitoring their tool life with various graphical user interfaces on life remaining on the tools loaded in the CNC control as the CNC part program is active and running, which allowed their CNC Machine Operators to decide when to send the tools for re-tooling. This custom built tool life management application offered interfacing the common variables and I/Os available on the various devices for their manufacturing operation to further boost productivity and avoid tool breakage or impact to spindle. This played a huge cost avoidance scenario.

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